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February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month and across the country, presents a unique opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of heart-health.  Here in Ottawa, February is Heart Month means that individuals, groups, and businesses can take the lead in raising funds and awareness for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.


It’s giving that goes straight to the heart of care in your community.


The Ottawa Heart Institute’s new clinical tower – the largest expansion in our more than 40 year history – will open its doors in April 2018.  Right now, there is an urgent need to purchase new cardiac equipment for the new facility. If you or someone you love has ever been a patient at the Heart Institute, chances are that equipment purchased through donations and support like yours may have saved a life.


As a BIA, you can encourage your membership to show coordinated support by displaying February is Heart Month posters to create awareness among their customer base, by selling and displaying hearts throughout the month, or by getting involved in another, easy way.


Getting involved in February is Heart Month is as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Consider hosting a special event (sale, Heart Institute day, host a speaker, and more) or visit FebruaryIsHeartMonth.ca to see a list of community events you can choose to attend or support.
  1. Participate in the Paper Heart campaign by selling and displaying paper hearts in windows and/or within the business. We will provide you with information to help you to recruit your membership to participate in the Paper Heart campaign.
    • Contact our team to confirm your support:

o Lindsay Firestone at 613-696-7261 or lfirestone@ottawaheart.ca

o Katya Valiquette at 613-696-7000  ext. 18586 or kvaliquette@ottawaheart.ca

  • Confirm the number of member businesses that will be participating and our team will provide paper hearts and posters to support their campaign
  • Provide our team with your BIA logo – your BIA and participating member businesses will be listed on the February is Heart Month website and included in social media and digital outreach throughout the month.
  1. Visit FebruaryIsHeartMonth.ca to make a donation during Heart Month, donations will be matched by community partners throughout the month which means your Heart Month donation could go even further.
  2. Contact the Heart Month team for even more ways to get involved.


Be part of Heart Month 2018! Support lifesaving care right here in our community.