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Two Bells Corners Development Applications are first successes of Incentive Plan

Two Bells Corners Development Applications are 

first successes of Incentive Plan

September 27, 2017

For Immediate Release


Councillor Rick Chiarelli says two new applications arriving at the Finance and Economic Development Committee next week represent the first significant successes of the new Bells Corners Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and the rest of the area’s comprehensive economic development strategy.

The CIP and its pending participation by the applicants also represents delivery on commitments made by Chiarelli and the Mayor during the last municipal election when both said they would try to bring a successful CIP to the Bells Corners commercial area.

The approach, crafted by the area BIA and the Councillor for the future of Bells Corners Business sector is designed to take advantage of timing and synergies to leverage the arrival of 8,000-10,000 DND employees with a renewed focus on the natural competitive advantages of an area that, only decades ago, was a shopping destination in the west end.

“The business community is clearly seeing the upside to Bells Corners and in seizing the moment to take advantage of the economic incentives the CIP offers businesses who expand and invest in Bells Corners,” said Councillor Chiarelli.

“College Ward Councilor, Rick Chiarelli, City of Ottawa Economic Development Staff, and the Bells Corners Business Improvement Area Board of Management have worked hard to operationalize the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to renew existing successful business in the area and to attract new business opportunities to what we believe is the most livable community in the City.” said Joe Varner, Executive Director of the Bells Corners BIA. “As a team we have worked to action the Gap Assessment Study with a view toward building on Bells Corners’ great economic potential over the next decade and beyond. The new Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Restaurant and Hilton Garden Inn Facilities would not have been built and attracted to the area without the assistance afforded by the Community Improvement Plan.”

“KFC used to be located in Bells Corners but was among the first businesses to leave near the beginning of the strip’s downturn. The fact that it is now making its return is symbolic of the successful future of economic development in the west-end of Ottawa and the strength of the CIP investment,” said Chiarelli.

Three major highways intersect at Bells Corners and seventy percent of the people visiting Ottawa travel here by road. Bells Corners is also home to the new National Defence Headquarters Complex and the new Ottawa Light Rail Maintenance Facility bringing many new residents to the west-end of the City of Ottawa.

“We have a proud military history as the home of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and a bright future as a key destination and service centre for members of the Canadian Forces, larger defence community and particularly, military families.” said Varner. “On behalf of the Bells Corners Business Improvement Area Board of Management we want to say thank you to Mayor Watson and our City Councilor Rick Chiarelli for the excellent support we have received.Bells Corners is open for business and we want to serve you!”

The Bells Corners Business Improvement Area features restaurants, hotels, boutique shopping, and free easy access parking surrounded by parkland and mature residential areas.



Rick Chiarelli 613-580-2478

Nancy O’Brien 613-853-0371 or nancy@rickchiarelli.com